The Neolithic Counter-Revolution

Rent the barn, house and grounds for a week day or weekend and your celebration dreams will be made a reality. DIY, Low waste and unique events are our forte. Park you campers, bring some tents and homemade decor, lite a big bonfire, host activities and games.  Please ask questions and let us know what you are thinking. We are located only 25 minutes to downtown Madison and 35 from Devil's lake and other parks in the area. Check out our pricing schedule below and see if you would like to make a site visit. Thanks for checking out Common Gardens and all we do.  We can run a bar, cater food, book bands and set it all up, just lettuce know.

Please drop us a line and we can find a rate and expectations for your event that fits your budget and your style. Have a friend who shoots pictures? Want to bring your own tent or home brew? No problem. Have a memorable, affordable wedding in your way with minimal rules. House sleeps six. Barn has rustic kitchen. Any other questions, or to schedule a site visit, please ask, very flexible, hospitality is our game.

Things to note/FAQ:

  • Same sex weddings are no problem, and should never be, for anyone, unless you hate weddings in general and keep it consistent, or there's some serious concern  over the couple... #Nuances.
  • We love themed weddings and can decorate and dress appropriately.
  • Styrofoam, non-recyclable and bottled water are highly discouraged, we have great water and will provide reservoirs, Earth is on fire.
  • We have no restrictions on vendors.
  • We have places for pictures
  • Play your music all night and dance you and family are sleeping here we're not going to kick you out.

Base venue price 2019:

  • $5,000 for weekend of renting house, barn and grounds for wedding and reception day. Set up and take down day included. We provide your banquet space and reception hall, not including catering, music or transportation. If you can provide the tents, tables, chairs, plates etc, that reduce cost for us both. This price includes up to 150 guests. Ask for price on larger attendance.

  • 30% if on weekday.

For additional services please contact us for price and availability.

- Thanks again, The Common Crew.